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T shirt design is found everywhere on the internet. Let's take a look at differnt websites and blogs that bring us t-shirt culture.

     Life imitates art and art imitates life.  Conservatives hate liberals and my phone screen is cracked.  I don’t know, it just seemed appropriate.  Anyway, t-shirt art has been booming the last decade.  Tees seem to be a new medium for artists of all kinds and the “world wide web” as the old folks say, has everything to do with its popularity.      
     Apparel companies, shirt blogs and other entrepreneurs have provided a vehicle for designers to bring their work to market.  Often, the shirts are heavily themed with pop culture references or not so “pop culture”, but cult culture ideas as well.  Television shows, movies and music are all morphed with each other or simply given a new perspective. 
     Snorg Tees leads us off with their very clean, thumbnail style gallery on the front page of their site.  So when you’re supposed to be finishing up that report for the boss, you can easily scroll through tons of different tees within seconds.  Boss walks by, minimize the screen….he walks away, BANG!  Right back to finding your favorite Breaking Bad print.
    Threadless  offers not only original tee designs for purchase, but also the ability to participate.  They give users the ability to score designs, but also submit designs as well.  This is an awesome outlet for artist, as Threadless offers awesome cash and prizes to its winners.  Thousands of dollars given away for t-shirt designs really brings a lot of talent forward.
     Ready to get global?  I Love Your t-shirt does just that this T-shirt blog features screen printed apparel lines from all over the world.  Years ago, starting your preprinted line of tees was a real shot in the dark.  Like most things, to really get a brand off the ground, you needed some corporate buyer to take a chance on you (good luck).  Nowadays, sites like I love your t shirt, give apparel companies instant exposure with their new lines.
     T-shirt Blog, Tee Hunter  is a great example of bringing everyone together in one place.  Consumer, meet t-shirts.  Not only does Tee Hunter provide a great blog but also organizes brands and their prints.  Allowing customers to follow brands to their sites or buy their prints right there on Tee Hunter. 
     If you’re an artist or a t-shirt junkie, the good news is that times are good!  T-shirt designs not only allow people to be creative, but also expressive and at times down right funny.   Is The Walking Dead your favorite show, find a t-shirt.  Is the Green Lantern your favorite super hero and you want it on your chest.  Just Google it.  Or, do you want your tees to be as abstract as your personality?  You’re also in luck.  Fact is, t-shirt design and printing are here to stay.  It’s culture is thriving and the landscape of design is widening.  All hail T-shirts!

Please feel free to comment.  Let us know your favorite tee, or give us a heads up on other tee sites and blogs.




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